Managing Your Password

As part of logging in to online banking, you will be prompted to enter your Password.

You will be locked out of online banking after three invalid password entries. If this happens, contact Servus at 1-87-SERVUS-CU (1-877-378-8728).

Creating a strong password is an important part of protecting your banking information.

Rules for passwords

First time logging in

You will use a temporary Password the first time you log in to online banking. After you accept the Online Banking Agreement, you will be prompted to change your Password. Please create a new Password immediately to keep your account safe and secure.

Changing your Password

You can change your Password at any time. When you request a password change, you must enter your current Password, the new Password and a confirmation of the new Password before it is changed in the system.

From Security Settings, select Manage Password.

  1. Enter your current Password.
  2. Enter your new Password. Your new Password cannot be the same as your last five Passwords, including your current Password.
  3. Enter your new Password again. It must match the new Password you just entered.

Click Submit to change your Password.

Click Cancel to discard your request and keep your current Password.

You will receive a confirmation that your Password was changed.

Your new Password will be saved, and you can continue banking online.


Your online banking User ID and Password, like your debit or credit card PIN, are keys to your financial information. Do not share them with anyone.

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