Entering Your User ID

Your initial User ID will be provided to you when you register for online banking.

You can change your initial User ID once you are authenticated and logged in to online banking.

Remember my User ID

For convenience, you can save your User ID to your computer in a browser cookie.

This feature is intended for private computers. When you use this feature you receive a privacy warning. If you are on a private computer, click Proceed to continue.

When creating a saved User ID, you have the option to also save a description. The saved User ID is masked for display (John Smith will display as Jo*****th) but the description is fully visible.

If you want your User ID to be remembered on the computer you are using, click the box next to Remember my User ID. A checkmark should appear in the box.

If you change your mind later, click Remove Saved User ID (appears only after at least one User ID has been saved).


If you are not using your own computer, do not select Remember my User ID.

Forgotten User ID?

If you forget your User ID, you can recover it through online banking.

Click Forgot User ID?

You will be asked to provide some personal information and answer security questions. Your User ID will be provided once your information is verified.


Business users must enable this feature during their first login. If the feature has not been enabled, contact Servus at 1-87-SERVUS-CU (1-877-378-8728) to reset your User ID.


Click Submit to move on to your security image and phrase.


Your online banking User ID and Password, like your debit or credit card PIN, are keys to your financial information. Do not share them with anyone.

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